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If the care which enterprise to staff is called “small love”, we can call the care which enterprise to the public “large love”.
As an excellent enterprise——Unibest Industrial Co., Ltd. not only has “small love”, but also has “large love”, and we keep practicing.
Unibest actively concerns countries’ major disasters, collects donation in the first time, makes people in the disaster areas feel warm and affection love, and roots for the people in the disaster areas tiding over a difficult patch with large love. The Wenchuan earthquake and the snow disaster in the south of China in 2008, the Yushu earthquake and the Southwest drought in 2012, the company and the general staff voluntarily organized donation to help disaster area  reestablishment by charity or labor union.

    Unibest pays high attention to the development of educational business, donates for poverty by various forms to try to make numerous students’ dreams come true. In Dec. 2015, Unibest donated to the institution-reared orphan by Amity Foundation e action(rural orphan projects) to help them grow up healthily, happily and become citizens have good character and quality. Company will also donate grant to help the students who have good grades but poor and help them finish studies smoothly.



FDA approves Vosevi for Hepatitis C


The U S Food and Drug Administration today approved Vosevi to treat adults with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV)

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